Friday, December 02, 2005

the four minute mile.

there's nothing like a couple of beers to bring it all into focus...

yesterday afternoon, i hit the wall. that's all i can really say, you know? and even though i was completely exhausted, i was enthralled by the andrenaline rush that came with that sudden revelation. "this is all i have to do."

today, i turned in the results of the last two weeks' reading marathon: "on the necessity of fidelity to Christ in Catholic higher education: where we were, where we are, and where we need to be." john once told me that the longer and more specific your title, the greater you chances of scoring an A before they even crack the cover page.

this comes from the most stylish guy i know, and i ain't just talking fashion, so i think it counts for something....

while at UD, i didn't possess the experience to even begin to appreciate the genius of morons like plato and cicero. frickin BRILLIANT. i want to write to professor hejduk and apologize for being such an ass in phil & eth.

and can i just say, having read the ancients, i have a new understanding of oscar romero? i guess i can... it's my blog, after all.

i just hope it was coherent. i guess i'll reread it tomorrow. most likely it's just 15 pages of GAAAAAH....

to take a line from romero: change your life. reject sin. be the virtuous person God created you to be, wills you to be, longs with all His being for you to be.

the man was murdered because he said, "all i can do is call to my brothers and sisters: let us be converted, so that when we die, Christ may look on us, and have mercy on our souls."

well, i'm going to have a glass of water, and go to bed.

tomorrow i get to write the final 8 pages of my paper for scripture - something over the suffering servant of deutero-Isaiah and the passion of Mark. i won't know until i reread what i've got so far. i think i'll call it "deutero-Isaiah as proto-mark: old testament prophecies and their new testament perfections." i'll let you know.


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